Your condition is personal. Your treatment should be to.

Who we are

LiV is the foremost South African medicinal cannabis brand, providing our patients with quality, legal medicinal cannabis. LiV was borne out of a desire to provide South African patients with access to the proven benefits of cannabis medicine through superior-quality and pharma-grade products.

The LiV team’s international experience and exposure to the medical cannabis field ensures that our patients can be confident they are accessing products and formats that are based on global best-practice and are science-led. As importantly, we have drawn on the substantial local expertise and passion for the plant to bring our patients the best cannabis strains and terpene profiles.

While cannabis flower is a marvel, we believe that cannabis isn’t one-size-fits all.

So, in addition to offering fresh cured flower, we also craft quality, lab-tested cannabis products, which are available in multiple product formats including oils, vapes, capsules and pre-rolls.

What we believe in

We have seen, through our experience with medicinal cannabis, that the right treatment can transform patient’s lives in the most profound way. We have seen how this plant based medicine has been able to address patients’ unmet health needs, and we take our responsibility to ensure that our patients optimize the benefits of cannabis therapy very seriously. We also know that the first steps of medicinal cannabis treatment can be intimidating.

For all of these reasons we provide comprehensive product education and support services. We don’t see ourselves as product providers, but as partners with our patients in their cannabis journey.

We believe in the natural potential of cannabis

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